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Welcome to the Codex

Please check the Links and Resources page for the board location.
The Schedule.
Date Place Adventure DM
07/20/2018 Roger Osten Roger
08/03/2018 Clark Roger Iron Fang Dave
08/17/2018 Dan Iron Fang Dave
08/31/2018 Tim Elderwood Tim
09/14/2018 Mike Roger Osten Roger
09/28/201810/05/2018 Roger Mike Goblins we be Dan
10/12/2018 Clark Dave Roger Jade Regent Dan
10/26/2018 Tim Dan Osten Roger
11/09/2018 Dan Tim Elderwood Tim
11/23/2018 Mike Iron Fang Dave
12/07/2018 Roger Dave Iron Fang Dave
12/21/2018 Tim Clark Skaldheim Clark
01/04/2019 Clark Tim Elderwood Tim
01/18/2019 Dan Skaldheim Clark
02/01/2019 Mike Osten Roger
02/15/2019 Tim Elderwood Tim
03/01/2019 Roger Osten/Jade Regent Roger/Dan
03/15/2019 Dave TBD TBD
03/29/2019 Clark TBD TBD
04/12/2019 Tim Elderwood Tim
04/26/2019 Dan TBD TBD